How do Cebco Brakes work?

The trailer is connected to the tow vehicle by means of the Cebco Tow Ring Assembly. Its function is that of the connecting and applying hitch for the Brake Master Cylinder. Positioned immediately behind the Tow Ring Assembly is the Cebco Brake Master Cylinder. This Brake Master Cylinder utilises the motion energy of the trailer relative to the tow vehicle as an energy source to apply the brakes of the trailer.

The brakes are applied only when the brake pedal on the towing vehicle is depressed. This is achieved by a simple electrical connection from the master cylinder solenoid into the stop light circuit of the tow vehicle. Brake fluid in the Brake Master Cylinder is under pressure every time the tow vehicle decelerates, but fluid cannot pass to the wheel brakes on the trailer until the solenoid is energised by current from the stop light circuit of the tow vehicle (driver applying the foot brake).

Unlike traditional trailer brake systems, this unique solenoid valve operation permits brake application only when the stop lights are triggered. This feature also allows the trailer to be reversed without the necessity of the driver leaving his/her driving position.

Once the solenoid is energised (driver applying the foot brake), a passage is opened at the outlet port of the Master Cylinder and permits fluid/pressure to pass to the wheel brakes.

The brake fluid coming from the Brake Master Cylinder is under pressure. This fluid then enters the Disc Brake Calipers to apply the brakes.

The Disc Brake Calipers are of a pin guided design consisting of an aluminium housing with nodular iron anchor bracket. Disc Brake Calipers do not require periodic adjustment (distance between pad and disc rotor) as they adjust automatically in use.

A Park Brake Lever applies cables connected to the Park Brake Assembly which is located within the hat section of the Disc Rotor. Once the cable ‘pulls’, it will spread the internal brake shoe of the Park Brake Assembly and the trailer is parked.

The design of the Cebco Park Brake Assembly reduces complexity and provides a protective environment as the Park Brake Assembly has been designed with a full diameter backing plate labyrinth to serve in conjunction with the disc rotor as an effective way of keeping damaging foreign matter away from the park brake shoe.

The Cebco Disc Rotor is manufactured from a high grade casting and machined to exacting dimensions.