Major Repair Kit

Product Description

The C500-52 Major repair Kit will repair the C500 Cebco Master Cylinder.
It includes components most likely required to be replaced in the successful major overhaul of the C500 Master Cylinder.

Contents of the Major Repair Kit:

Description Quantity
Internal O-Rings 8

Gauze, Filter & Star Clip 1
Internal Circlip 1
Solenoid 12 Volt 1
Reservoir Dust Seal 1
Spring – Adjustment Spindle 1
Boot – Concertina, Front 1
Metal Retainer, Buffer 1
Copper Gaskets 2
Reservoir Cap Diaphragm 1
Rubber Gasket 1
Tilt Valve, Reservoir 1
Brass Solenoid Pin 1
Plunger (Bullet) Assembly 1
Adjusting Spindle 1
Outlet Port Adaptor 1
Adjusting Spindle Nut 1